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HIT Hot Topics 2019

Different Perspectives

Liverpool, 8 November

HIT Hot Topics Conference 2019

Changing the way we see drugs and drug policy
HIT Hot Topics is the UK’s greatest harm reduction conference, with a strong focus on providing practical take-away messages from some of the world’s most interesting speakers. This year we aim to give you different perspectives to the traditional narrative.

Conference Updates

Latest news from our team
Different Perspectives (DDN Article)

Different Perspectives (DDN Article)

‘Let me take you to Columbia,’ said Sanho Tree, fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and a director of its Drug Policy Project. ‘Here farmers grow coca because it makes economic sense to them,’ he said. ‘They don’t stand a chance of growing other crops and coca is one crop that doesn’t require much infrastructure.’ Yet the government had been trying to eradicate coca for decades, primarily through crop dusters – aircraft that sprayed the area with a potent form of Roundup, a herbicide that caused rashes, vomiting and illness as well as the death of crops and animals.

Gallery: Conference

Gallery: Conference

We'd like to thank everyone who made HIT Hot Topics such an amazing event, especially our speakers and our conference attendees. As you can see from our gallery your passion shows through.

Side Events

Making the most of our time together

As always with our conference we are arranging side events both the evening before and the evening of the conference.

We know from speaking to you all every year that these are some of the most important social times of the year and often are the only times we get to be around so many like-minded people.

You can attend these events even if you are not attending the conference.