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Lizzie McCulloch

Lizzie McCulloch

Director – Volteface

Liz is a Director at Volteface, a not-for-profit with a strong track record of shifting the public debate around drugs. Liz was a coordinator on the Billy Caldwell campaign, widely acclaimed for changing the law on medical cannabis. Under her leadership alongside Paul North, Volteface has taken three MPs and a BBC film crew to Canada to see how the Canadian government have introduced a legally regulated cannabis market, partnered with the Evening Standard for their ongoing series ‘The Cannabis Debate’ and taken on the role of Secretariat for the Labour Campaign for Drug Policy Reform.

Liz has authored seminal reports on a range of drug-related issues, including drug consumption rooms, cannabis policy, drugs education and drug dealing on social media.

Liz has a background in mental health service provision and commissioning and was contracted to evaluate mental wellbeing services delivered in the aftermath of the fire at Grenfell Tower and at the Inquiry. She holds a B.A. in Politics from the University of Leeds and a MSc in Public Policy from UCL.