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Pavel Bém

Pavel Bém

Commissioner – Global Commission on Drug Policy

Dr. Pavel Bém is psychiatrist, psychotherapist and family therapist and has almost 30 years of experience in area of drug policy. He spent 20 years in various policy roles and high management functions at international, national as well as local levels focusing mainly at developing of cost effective public health strategies and harm reduction services. He has served for various governmental as well as international bodies (EU, UN, WHO, Council of Europe, Group Pompidou, PHARE).

He was a pioneer in developing the public health-oriented drug policy in former Czechoslovakia as well as in other countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America. Mr. Bém served many years as a Czech “Drug Tzar”.

He was twice elected as a Lord Mayor of the capital city of Prague and as a Vice-president of the Committee of the Regions of the European Parliament. As a Member of the Czech Parliament he has successfully submitted and introduced the law on the Medical Cannabis.

Currently, he is a professor at the 1st Medical Faculty of the Charles University, serves as the head of the Department for psychotherapy and family therapy at the Addictology Clinic and also serves as a “low threshold psychiatrist” at the Contact Center Sananim for injecting drug users in Prague. He is a Member of the Czech National Drug Commission.

Since 2012 he is a Commissioner of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, self constituted body of former presidents, head of states and politicians aiming at ending the war on drugs and introducing drug policy reform through out the world.