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Rui Coimbra Morais

Rui Coimbra Morais

President – CASO Drug Users Union

Rui used drugs since he was young and knows well about different contexts of drug use. He’s worked in a Roma social housing neighbourhood, in a foster care home, in a State National Program to end Child Labor. In 2011 he joined CASO and then EuroNPUD and has been working in Peer Involvement and Community based interventions, and advocating for full citizenship for drug users.

Rui was born in Mozambique and arrived in Portugal in 1974, the year of the revolution that ended the longest dictatorship in Western Europe and allowed the Portuguese decolonisation to finally happen. Being part of the first generation that has born in freedom he was curious about everything and lived for the adventure.

Rui has a degree in Psychology in Porto Public University, with specialty in Sciences of Deviant Behaviours, and professional specialty in Clinic, Health and advanced specialty in Community Psychology. He has also studied and gone though psychotherapy in the Portuguese Society of Humanistic Psychotherapy.