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Biz Bliss

Biz Bliss

Lead Facilitator – Psychedelic Society Experience Retreats

Biz Bliss is a co-director and lead facilitator of the Psychedelic Society Experience Retreats, pioneering safe and legal psilocybin retreats since 2015. Guided by a desire to affect positive social change, Biz has worked in activist, corporate and social enterprise settings initiating a string of projects along the way. Through the process she’s found supporting people to do deep work is where her heart, skills and passion lie. Designing and guiding people through transformational processes feeds her soul, whilst growing the business satiates her mind. All in all, she has found a perfect job balancing the pragmatist and the mystic.

Her experience includes designing and facilitating courses for young adults at edventure:Frome where she is now a trustee; working in policy, strategy and campaigns through a masters at Forum for the Future; sailing across the Atlantic transporting cargo with Fair Transport and project-managing a sustainable house-build in France. Her foundation in facilitation comes from participating in, and working on courses worldwide, including community-building, process-work, family constellations, sensuality & sexuality training, coaching, shiatsu and bodywork amongst others, but most of her learning comes from navigating the seas of life.

Biz loves to ‘sit in the unknown’ with participants, guided by an intuitive voice and trust in the process that unravels. The art of working with powerful medicines like truffles is to really listen and act in service to these plants, with reverence and respect, and both feet firmly on the ground. This way of working derives from her own practice with the medicines that have supported her through life’s spectrum of light and dark, grief and joy and everything in between. For Biz, whilst heightened states can be profoundly life-changing, the real work of integrating the experience happens afterwards, weaving the magic and the mundane. Pivotal to the work are accessible rituals that cement healing, transformation and connection. In her element in nature, you’ll find her swimming in the sea, singing up the mountains and dancing round the fire.